Right to sickness benefit: – Here you do not have the right to sickness benefit

If you have been ill during the holidays, you can usually claim a new holiday later.

What not everyone is aware of is that they must have been within the EU / EEA for the postponed holiday to be paid, Simployer writes.

Two regulations

Legal HR and management consultant at Simployer, Jørgen Bostrøm says that there are two regulations you must comply with during the holiday.

– There is one that regulates the right to postponed vacation and another that regulates the right to sickness benefits. If the employee is entitled to a postponed holiday, but is not entitled to sickness benefits, money will not be included when the holiday is to be taken later.

A requirement for receiving holiday pay is that you must be within the EU / EEA area during the holiday.

– If, for example, you are on holiday in Turkey, Pakistan or the USA when you become ill, you are not entitled to sickness benefits for the period of illness. When the holiday is then converted into sick leave, you must be deducted from your salary for this period, Bostrøm explains.

Then you will first be entitled to sickness benefits from the date you are back in Norway, and see a doctor.

Covered by insurance

We have previously written that you will be covered by your insurance, if you become acutely ill while traveling.

Then your travel insurance covers the costs of medical treatment, including medication and transport. This applies to both holidays abroad and holidays in Norway.

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– If you become ill or injured, and this results in bed rest that has been ordered by a doctor at the destination or hospitalization, compensation for lost holidays is calculated on the basis of the price of the trip. This must not be confused with lost holidays with the employer, said communications director Andreas Bibow Handeland in European Travel Insurance, which is part of If, at the time.

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