Riot Games records voice chats on Valorant

Riot Games created a new policy to combat hate speech in Valorant by recording all conversations in the voice chat feature.

Riot Games trying to fight hate speech or hate speech and taunts in the voice chat feature Valuing. They do this effort by recording all the utterances made by the players. Quite radical, but this is the only solution that Riot has chosen to process the entire report, given how popular it is gim now.

According to Twitch audience statistics recently reported by ScreenRant (3/5), Valorant is very popular among gamers. In early April, the game took 7th place in the list of most watched video games.

A month later, Valorant moved up one notch, amassing nearly 22 million hours watched in 7 days. However, it also indicates a more likely population of players toxic the highest.

Therefore, developers are taking other actions in an effort to combat toxic behavior in Valorant by targeting words that encourage hatred and abuse in voice chat. Riot will record the player’s voice chat so that the recording can be used later to verify the reports received regarding the matter.

Riot is also updating its privacy policy unilaterally while notifying the community about this new decision, so that changes can be implemented without violating existing terms of service.

The developer claims, the collected voice data will be temporarily stored and deleted after a specified period. If a player doesn’t want his voice chat recorded, the only solution is not to speak in the game at all.

Because, even though Riot promises to protect data, it is necessary to know that the company has received hacking attacks several times. This resulted in the leakage of the player’s personal information. With that in mind, it’s quite reasonable to be concerned about the safety of this tape.

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