Riots in Swedish city of Malmö in counter-protest after anti-Islam actions | NOW

Riots broke out in the Swedish city of Malmö on Friday evening, local police reported. Protesters protested several actions targeting Islam in the center of the city on Friday afternoon, including the burning of a Quran.

According to a spokesman, protesters threw stones and other objects at police officers and set fire to car tires. The riots were still not under control at the end of the evening, according to the spokesman.

The riots arose during a counter-protest in response to anti-Islam actions. On Friday afternoon, several actions took place in central Malmö, following the Swedish government’s refusal to let a far-right politician from Denmark, Rasmus Paludan, into the country.

Paludan was supposed to hold a meeting in Sweden, but was according to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet stopped at the border. The Swedish police have denied the politician entry for two years on the grounds that he would be a threat to the “fundamental interests of society”.

Campaigners kicked a copy of the Koran across a square on Friday afternoon. A Koran was also burned. Paludan is known for regularly calling for the burning of the Quran. Also during his planned meeting he would have wanted to call for the book to be burned.

Protest was counter-reaction to burning of Quran

In response, at least three hundred demonstrators took to the streets on Friday evening. The police also say they see a connection between the actions in the afternoon and the protest Friday evening.

The protest became unsettled when protesters set off fireworks, threw objects at the police and started a fire.

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It is not clear whether people were injured in the riots and how many protesters were arrested, reports Aftonbladet. At least three people were arrested in the anti-Islam campaigns on Friday afternoon.


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