“Risk especially for young girls”. Doctors’ alert

Il Surgeon generalthe top health official of the United States, warned about the risk of social media per children e teenagers. Dr. Vivek Murthy, a point of reference on health in the US, warned of the possibility of “damage to mental health” for younger people who use social media. From TikToka Instagram e Facebookaccording to the doctor, they are all potential dangers that must be limited.

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The medical alert

“We are in the midst of a national youth mental health crisis and I fear that social media is a major driver of this crisis – something we need to address urgently,” she said. And in a report she calls more research needed to “better understand the effects of social networks” on young people, while saying there is “considerable evidence” that they can have negative consequences.

Who is most at risk

Adolescents, he says, “are at a different stage of development and are at a critical stage of brain development.” But the ones at risk, going more specifically, would be above all young girls, who would be the most vulnerable. According to research cited by Vivek Murthy, using these platforms puts them at a higher risk than teens of being cyber-bullied or even developing eating disorders.

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