Risk warning to heart patients who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 – News

Very critical warning to non-vaccinated heart patients!

It was noted that despite the high vaccination rates in Turkey, there are many hesitations about this issue, especially in heart patients, but scientific data show that heart patients who avoid being vaccinated are at risk.

In the statement, Prof. Dr. Zekeriya Nurkalem, “The risk of heart muscle inflammation in three months in those who have Covid-19 is seen in 45 people per 100 thousand, while it occurs as 2 people in 100 thousand in those who have been vaccinated. Considering that there is a very high rate of severe heart involvement in Covid-19 infection, the vaccines seem very innocent in this regard. My view as a heart specialist and researcher is that these vaccines can be made with confidence.” made its assessment.


Nurkalem, who stated that the vaccinated heart patients had the disease to have a mild illness in every aspect, stated that the Covid-19 infection not only affects the respiratory tract but also all body systems, and that it can cause various problems, especially the increase in coagulation.

prof. Dr. Nurkalem drew attention to the importance of not interrupting the drugs, contacting the physician and reviewing the drugs, especially blood thinners, and said: “Since these effects continue for 3-6 months after Covid-19, it is not said ‘I have had the disease, it is over’ and during this time. “Continuing the controls is vital. Not taking supplements and medications other than doctor’s advice for a balanced diet, keeping morale high are other important factors. It is necessary to make daily measurements with a simple finger saturation device that measures the oxygen level in the blood, and to contact the doctor when necessary.”

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