River and the rumors of sale of Suárez and Fernández

The Brazilian shopping market remains open and making a lot of noise within the South American continent. And there is so much movement from Brazil that, like every year, Argentine clubs are contacted to sell players. This year will not be the exception and the telephone number of River it will surely be on the list.

In that sense, the president of River, Rodolfo DOnofrio denied the rumors of offers made by Matias Suarez from San Pablo and Santos. “Nothing came and if it does, it will be of little value so it will be discarded. Further, River he has no interest in them buying Suárez ”.

Rodolfo DOnofrio.jpg

Rodolfo DOnofrio, president of River

Rodolfo DOnofrio responded in much the same way when asked about the rumors of Nacho Fernandez. “No one is in prison, but River it is not going to be undercapitalized ”.

Regarding the subject, but now with the figure of Marcelo gallardo, President Rodolfo DOnofrio He assured that he is very happy because El Muñeco continues to direct the millionaire squad and also stressed that he does not expect the coach to get off the boat or to pay attention to rumors.

“My wish is that Marcelo Gallardo continues with River. He is one of the fundamental builders of the football project we are doing. You must continue. It is likely to work within River, but we need the country to help us a little ”, Rodolfo D’Onofrio.

For now, the immediate concern of River is the game they have against LDU Quito in five days. Game in which Los Millonarios will try to place first in group D and thus be able to dodge dangerous teams such as Boca and Santos (already confirmed for the next stage). River He has 10 points against 12 of the Ecuadorians, if he wins the victory he would add 13 and pass as leader of the group.

A draw or loss would place him against anyone who went first in the other groups.

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