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The Return of the Copa Libertadores between the River Plate and the Boca Juniors, which will be played on Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu, will have an economic impact close to € 25 million in the capital of Spain but the question remains as the city is ready or not.

The professor from EAE Business School and the specialist in commercialization, sales and marketing in sporing business, Jaime Fortuño, calculated the impact at € 25 million finals like the Champions League in Cardiff in 2017, which left € 51 million in the Welsh capital.

"The River-Boca game has been generated by both sports and non-sporting, It is 'The Game' in South America, Madrid has accepted this meeting. It is said that Florentino accepted the game in just two minutes but is Madrid ready? " Fortuño asks.

Where will the money go?

€ 25 million, 50% will go to hotels and 20% will go shopping. The rest is going to be affected by games like this. "Therefore, if we look at an economic standpoint, this is a good opportunity for the city and the couuntry," he says.

However, despite the fact that Madrid is accustomed to hosting major events, this game brings to certain risk the violence in previous encounters not all that glitters is gold. "

"And this has to be with Madrid ready to mobilize more than 2000 police officers next weekend," he says. "And the question is, who will pay for all of this? Should the state pay for this or should be settled with co-payment from other countries? "

After all, he says, they are the protagonists of this game.

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