River-Lanús and Banfield-Boca on the first date of the Professional League

After the announcement of the return of the championship for October 30, this Friday the draw for the 2020 Professional League Cup was held.

The six zones in which the contest will be divided in the initial stage were raffled, and then all the days were announced, although the days and times of the meetings have not yet been made official.

The complete fixture of the Professional League

Date 1

Racing Club c. At. Tucumán

Union c. Arsenal FC

Def. and Justice c. Colon Rosario

Ctral. c. Godoy Cruz (Mza.)

Córdoba (SE) c. Independent

River Plate c. Banfield

Lanús c. Boca Jrs.

Workshops (Cba.) C. NO Boys

Aldosivi (MDP) c. Estudiantes de Lp

Argentinos Jrs. c. San Lorenzo by A.

Velez Sarsfield v. Hurricane

G. and Fencing LP c. Board of Trustees (Paraná)

Date 2

Union c. Racing Club

Ctral. Córdoba (SE) c. Def. and Justice

River Plate c. Rosario Ctral.

Arsenal F.C. c. At. Tucumán

Independent c. Colon

Banfield c. Godoy Cruz (Mza.)

Workshops (Cba.) C. Lanús

NO Boys c. Boca Jrs.

Argentinos Jrs. vs. Aldosivi (MDP)

San Lorenzo de A. c. LP students

G. and Fencing LP c. Velez Sarsfield

Board of Trustees (Paraná) c. Hurricane

Date 3

Racing Club c. Arsenal F.C.

Def. and Justice c. Independent

Rosario Ctral. c. Banfield

At. Tucumán c. Union

Columbus c. Ctral. Córdoba (SE)

Godoy Cruz (Mza.) C. River plate

Lanús c. NO Boys

Aldosivi (MDP) c. San Lorenzo de A.

Velez Sarsfield v. Board of Trustees (Paraná)

Boca Jrs. c. Workshops (Cba.)

Estudiantes de LP c. Argentinos Jrs.

Hurricane c. G. and Fencing LP

Date 4

At. Tucumán c. Racing

Club Colón c. Def. and Justice

Godoy Cruz (Mza.) C. Rosario Ctral.

Arsenal FC c. Union

Independent c. Ctral. Córdoba (SE)

Banfield c. River Plate

Boca Jrs. c. Lanús

Estudiantes de LP c. Aldosivi (MDP)

Hurricane c. Velez Sarsfield

NO Boys c. Workshops (Cba.)

San Lorenzo de A. c. Argentinos Jrs.

Board of Trustees (Paraná) c. G. and Fencing LP

Date 5

Lanús c. Workshops (Cba.)

Aldosivi (MDP) v. Argentinos Jrs.

Velez Sarsfield v. G. and Fencing LP

Boca Jrs. ç. NO Boys

LP students c. San Lorenzo by A.

Hurricane c. Board of Trustees (Paraná)

Racing Club c. Union

Def. and Justice c. Ctral. Cordoba (SE)

Rosario Ctral. c. River Plate

At. Tucumán c. Arsenal F.C.

Columbus c. Independent

Godoy Cruz (Mza.) C. Banfield

Date 6

Arsenal F.C. c. Racing Club

Independent c. Def. and Justice

Banfield c. Rosario Ctral.

Union c. At. Tucuman

Ctral. Córdoba (SE) c. Columbus

River Plate c. Godoy Cruz (Mza.)

NO Boys c. Lanús

San Lorenzo de A. c. Aldosivi (MDP)

Board of Trustees (Paraná) c. Velez Sarsfield

Workshops (Cba.) C. Boca Jrs.

Argentinos Jrs. vs. LP students

G. and Fencing LP c. Hurricane

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