River Plate End of the novel: Quintero will travel to China on Saturday

After almost two months of uncertainty in which the pass of Juan Fernando Quintero It was agreed by word between River and Shenzhen but it had not yet been signed, everything seems to indicate that the story will come to an end in the next few hours, with the footballer’s trip to China to undergo a medical check-up and join his new team .

The Colombian was in Miami and in his country waiting for them to unlock the corresponding visa procedures, something that is finally resolved. Although Juanfer will not be able to play official matches until 2021, he will already be able to work alongside his new teammates from next week.

The operation will be done in exchange for 9 million dollars for the Millionaire and the first installment of 4.5 million It will be paid after the former number 10 of Marcelo Gallardo undergoes control checks in Asian lands.

The flight is scheduled for Saturday from Bogotá and thus will close a chapter that was extended more than expected in Núñez. The money, needed to catch up with the club’s obligations, will be added to the proceeds from the sale of Martínez Quarta, for whom Fiorentina has already paid the first $ 3.2 million.

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