River Plate River’s sacred fire was not extinguished with the pandemic

The crushing win over Binacional in Núñez had served to start leaving behind the bad drink of the Superliga that escaped at the hands of Boca on the last date. Since that March 11, 190 days have passed and the world changed completely, but River managed to maintain the essence that led him to dominate the continental scene during the last five years.

In the recent and distant past, the controversy over the decision of do not play against Atlético Tucumán for the defunct Super League Cup, the months of distance training, the accusations of Marcelo Gallardo to the Argentine Football Association for the delay in the protocols, the games of Ignacio Scocco and Juan Fernando Quintero.

As a well-trained and professional actor, The Millionaire seemed to forget all his troubles when the lights came on and the show began. In Morumbí, it just took a few minutes to settle his ideas to return to being the same team as before the arrival of COVID-19 in South America.

Based on their defensive solidity and above all on the already characteristic pressure in the opposite field, those led by El Muñeco they cornered in several sections of the meeting a rival of hierarchy that arrived with filming in the high competition and that is two points from the top of the Brasileirao.

It is true that the current runner-up of the Copa Libertadores did not lose any part of his starting lineup in the break, although the fact of having just a handful of soccer practice nor did it appear to have harmed him relative to his opponent.

True to the announcement he had made at Tuesday’s press conference, DT River Plate managed to instill in his players, once again, what is by now a hallmark of his management: “We are going to fight, we are not going to give the initiative to San Pablo. As much as they come with a lot of activity, we will try to do our thing “.

Abstracted from the context, River stood with three well-defined strikers who drowned out the Tricolor and decided to memorize the script he knows best: without speculation, with a constant vocation to look for the goal in front and to bring the rhythm of the match at their convenience.

“If we go delivered and stop the team to defend myself, maybe I will lose,” explained the driver of the group who was close to obtaining three points and ended up taking one, which also it is very valuable for your aspirations in Group D of the contest.

Beyond the result, the main conclusions will be linked to the spirit of a team that does not feel the passage of time in terms of his insatiable desire to compete and his search for new challenges. That non-negotiable premise with which Gallardo tries to convince his people that there is no better club to feed the hunger for glory, despite the fact that the transfer market looks increasingly tempting from the economic point of view.

In the six months since the last home win, even Monumental itself changed its landscape. Today it is uneven terrain with wells and tractors, but it will soon have a playing field designed to deepen a style so ingrained that it has already shown that it can withstand even a pandemic. In the meantime, River will try to close the circle on Tuesday with another victory against Binacional to leave it in the classification zone, before moving its premises to Avellaneda.

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