River Plate wants to ensure the continuity of Santos Borré – TODOFICHAJES.COM

The flight of talent in River Plate is a fact and it is that after Palacios’ goodbye months ago, several important departures have been added, the most outstanding being that of Martínez Quarta to Fiorentina. Matías Suárez also seems to be saying goodbye and for this reason we are working to ensure the continuity of the main troops who are still in the squad.

One of them and the most important currently is Santos Borré, a footballer who is key to the sports interests of the entity. Faced with the threat of Atlético de Madrid to buy it back, since they own 50% of the pass and could buy the other half for € 7M, River is already working to increase its percentage over the player and thus prevent their escape.

The idea is to pay € 3.5M to Atlético to get 25% more of the player’s pass and thus have 75% of the rights. All accompanied by a long-term renewal making the striker the highest paid in the squad.

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