River Plate will play in Mendoza against Godoy Cruz


Then the localities will be reversed with these three teams, already to define at the end how this Group 3 is defined.

Boca Juniors, the last champion of Argentine soccer, will debut as a visitor for Lanús and River Plate will be the home of Banfield on the first date of the Classification Phase of the 2020 Professional League Cup, a competition that will begin on October 30.

This transitory tournament, whose end is scheduled for January 17, will also have on its opening date the presentation of Racing Club against Atlético Tucumán in Avellaneda; Independiente’s trip to Santiago del Estero to face Central Córdoba; the visit of San Lorenzo to Argentinos Juniors in La Paternal and the Vélez-Huracán crossing in Liniers.

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, directed by Diego Maradona, will start against Patronato in Paraná.


Date 1: Racing-Atlético Tucumán and Unión-Arsenal (Group 1); Defense and Justice-Colón and Central Córdoba-Independiente (Group 2); Rosario Central-Godoy Cruz and River Plate-Banfield (Group 3); Lanús-Boca and Talleres-Newell’s (Group 4); Aldosivi-Estudiantes and Argentinos-San Lorenzo (Group 5) and Vélez-Huracán and Gimnasia-Patronato (Group 6).

Date 2: Unión-Racing and Arsenal-Atlético Tucumán (Group 1); Central Córdoba-Defense and Independent Justice-Colón (Group 2); River-Rosario Central and Banfield-Godoy Cruz (Group 3); Talleres-Lanús and Newell’s-Boca (Group 4); Argentinos-Aldosivi and San Lorenzo-Estudiantes (Group 5) and Gimnasia-Vélez and Patronato-Huracán (Group 6).

Date 3: Racing-Arsenal and Atlético Tucumán-Unión (Group 1); Defense and Justice-Independent and Colón-Central Córdoba (Group 2); Rosario Central-Banfield and Godoy Cruz-River (Group 3); Lanús-Newell’s and Boca-Talleres (Group 4); Aldosivi-San Lorenzo and Estudiantes-Argentinos (Group 5) and Vélez-Patronato and Huracán-Gimnasia (Group 6).

Date 4: Atlético Tucumán-Racing and Arsenal-Unión (Group 1); Colón-Defense and Justice and Independiente-Central Córdoba (Group 2); Godoy Cruz-Rosario Central and Banfield-River (Group 3); Boca-Lanús and Newell’s-Talleres (Group 4); Students-Aldosivi and San Lorenzo-Argentinos (Group 5); Huracán-Vélez and Patronato-Gimnasia (Group 6).

Date 5: Racing-Unión and Atlético Tucumán-Arsenal (Group 1); Defense and Justice-Central Córdoba and Colón-Independiente (Group 2); Rosario Central-River and Godoy Cruz-Banfield (Group number 3); Lanús-Talleres and Boca-Newell’s (Group 4); Aldosivi-Argentinos and Estudiantes-San Lorenzo (Group 5); Vélez-Gimnasia and Huracán-Patronato (Group 6).

Date 6: Arsenal-Racing and Unión-Atlético Tucumán; Independiente-Defensa y Justicia and Central Córdoba-Colón (Group 2); Banfield-Rosario Central and River-Godoy Cruz (Group number 3); Newell’s-Lanús and Talleres-Boca (Group 4); San Lorenzo-Aldosivi and Argentinos-Estudiantes (Group 5) and Patronato-Vélez and Gimnasia-Huracán (Group 6).


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