“Riverdale” star KJ Apa has become a father for the first time

In May got “Riverdale” fans a pleasant surprise, when Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa (24), best known as KJ Apa, was able to reveal that his girlfriend was expecting a child.

The news was first shared by the actor on his Instagram profile, where they saw a picture of him with his girlfriend Clara Berry (27) lying on the sofa, where Berry showed off what looked like a baby belly.

The couple further confirmed the pregnancy on her Instagram account, when she herself shared several photos of herself while showing off her belly.

In the comments section, KJ Apa wrote “She is pregnant”, to which Berry replied “We are”, followed by a red heart, according to People.

Now the couple must have become parents.

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“Two men in my life”

It is the new mother herself who shares the good news. She does this in a familiar style with a photo on Instagram. The picture shows two small children’s hands, which overlap what appears to be Berry’s hand.

The caption shows that the Hollywood couple had a son on September 23, whom they have named Sasha Vai Keneti Apa.

“He is a perfect perfection. I am the luckiest person who now has two men in my life, to fill my heart with this cosmic giant enormous love “, she writes, followed by a heart and a flame emoji.

The comment field is flooded with congratulations to the new parents, among others from KJ Apa’s “Riverdale” colleagues.

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Camila Mendes (27) writes the following:

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“What a beautiful name. Congratulations Clara! »

“River’s new best friend”, Vanessa Morgan (29) has commented, referring to her son River, whom she welcomed to the world earlier this year.

Shared nude photo

KJ Apa and Clara Berry kicked off the romance rumors in the autumn of 2020, after the former shared several photos of a naked woman, who, among other things, was lying on her stomach on a brick wall.

The woman quickly turned out to be the model Clara Berry, and the love was confirmed in many ways when she left a comment below the photos.

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“JTM”, she is said to have written according to People, which is an abbreviation for the French words “Je t’aime”, translated to “I love you”. Berry is originally French.

The couple have since stayed together, and frequently share photos of each other on social media.

Divorced by baby novelty

However, the monkey is not the only “Riverdale” star who has managed to have children between battles. In July 2020, it became known that Vanessa Morgan was also pregnant, with her husband Michael Kopech (25).

“I am overjoyed to welcome my little baby boy to this world in January. It is as if everything I thought meant something in life, has changed completely “, Morgan wrote on Instagram, among other things, to a video that revealed that the couple was expecting a little boy.

Shortly after the baby news was shared, however, it became known that Kopech had filed for divorce, after half a year of marriage.

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In late January, the couple’s son, named River, was born. Shortly afterwards, however, speculation about whether she had found her ex-husband began to spread, as Morgan shared photos of the ex-husband on social media, according to US Weekly.

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