River’s greeting for Mother’s Day and ¿chicana for Boca ?: “Idol, crack, different, orange ball and 9/12”

This October 18 a new Mother’s Day is celebrated and all the Argentine soccer clubs took the opportunity to greet all the mothers on this special day.

Without going further, River made his corresponding greeting and published an image in which he implied that mothers are the ones who usually wear the 10 In all aspects of life.

However, there was a message that caught the attention of users: “Idol, crack, different, orange ball and 9 of 12, all together … Happy day!“They wrote on the Millionaire’s social networks.

Quickly, River fans associated the message with the final of the Copa Libertadores that they beat Boca in Madrid and unleashed a cataract of messages below the post.

Enzo (by Pérez), it’s mother’s day, stop teasing“wrote one of the followers, while another user threw:” Orange ball and 9/12, I love you. “Look at River’s publication! Was there a chicane for Boca?


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