Throughout his career as a firefighter Jefferson Artunduaga never imagined that he would have to attend an emergency in which his own father would be the victim.

The painful event occurred on the night of October 12, when the young man, assigned to the fire department of the municipality of Barbosa (located in the north of the Aburrá valley), He went with a team of colleagues to attend to a traffic accident, which occurred on the dual carriageway, near the Hacienda Los Búcaros.

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There he found his father, Guillermo León Artunduaga, lying on the ground. According to versions of the fire department, the man, who worked as a baker, was run over on his way home.

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Guillermo León Artunduaga, victim of the accident.


Courtesy citizenship

“Unfortunately I went to attend the case, It was my turn to assist the patient and realize that it was my father who had died in that event ”, The young firefighter tells us that, in the middle of his work saving lives, he had to fire his loved one.


Jefferson Artunduaga (left).


Facebook Courtesy of Jefferson Artunduaga

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“He came from working on the sides of Porce and dedicated himself to being a baker, all his life he was a baker. Unfortunately, the events took place in an area with low visibility ”, said Jefferson Artunduaga, who for now, chooses not to give more details and prefers to be next to his family.



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