Roads prohibited by the use of the slogan "ice cream make you happy" in the announcement


Getting an ice cream on a hot day could be one of the greatest summer delights, but a store has been forbidden to say that the sweet surprise can make you happy.

A New Zealand store was forced to remove an advertisement on the Streets ice cream claiming that "ice cream makes you happy" from the front of your store because it was "extremely irresponsible", What's this relationships.

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A local resident complained to the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority that advertising outside the Tui Crescent Foodmarket in Whangarei promoted an unhealthy relationship with food.

In addition to the slogan "Ice cream makes you happy", there were photos of a Paddle Pop, Magnum and Splice.

The complainant cited data on the obesity of New Zealand as a reason for his complaint concerning the announcement.

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In response to the complaint, Unilever Australasia, owner of Streets' ice cream, claimed that the store's advertising slogan was a "puffery" statement similar to "Red Bull gives you wings".

"Consumers will not reasonably interpret the advertising according to which eating Paddle Pop, Magnum or Splice increases their level of happiness in a measurable way, or that provides a beneficial nutritional value for their health," he said in response to the complaint, according to Cose.

But in the end the Authority for Advertising Standards sided with the complainant, claiming that linking ice cream to happiness could be harmful to people's health.

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In making its decision, the Authority also took into account the size and location of the advertising on the side of the store.

Unilever Australasia is now appealing to the decision and told a in a statement: "We recognize how important it is for New Zealanders to follow a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight and take care of their mental well-being.

"Unilever is committed to promoting mental and physical health. We recently filed an appeal against the decision and we are awaiting the appeal committee's decision on complaints about advertising standards. "



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