Robert Halley: Two of his nephews died unexpectedly

Robert Harley has lost his nephews. robert holley social media

American broadcaster Robert Harley has sent his nephews away.

On the 9th, Robert Harley posted an article on his SNS saying, “My two lovely nephews passed away suddenly in the last few days. If you have a chance, I hope you will hug your children once.”

He also released pictures of his nieces and nephews and expressed his regret through hashtags such as ‘sad’ and ‘life’. Netizens commented on Robert Harley’s post and conveyed his condolences.

Robert Harley was naturalized in 1997. He appeared on MBN’s ‘Field Report Special World’, which aired last year, and drew attention by announcing his battle with rare cancer. At the time, Robert Harley said, “There was inflammation in the leg that did not subside, and a malignant tumor attached to the nerve. It is a nerve cancer, and it is a cancer called malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST). It is a rare cancer with less than 0.1%.”

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