Robert Kennedy’s killer decided to be released on probation

At a court hearing in San Diego on Friday, he succeeded in his 16th attempt to be released on probation, after 53 years in prison. For the first time, this time the prosecution would not argue against release.

The decision of the release committee does not mean that 77-year-old Sirhan will be released immediately. The decision must go through a three-month review, and in the end it is up to Governor Gavin Newsom to accept his release.

Sirhan Sirhan was first sentenced to death for the murder, but the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1972.

Bobby Kennedy, the younger brother of former President John F. Kennedy, was well on his way to becoming the Democrats’ presidential candidate when he was killed during an election rally at a hotel in Los Angeles.

The assassination came just a few months after the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, at a time when the United States was deeply divided over the Vietnam War.

Sirhan explained in his first TV interview in 1989 that the motive for the killing was his disappointment with Kennedy’s support for Israel.

Two years ago, Palestinian-Jordanian Sirhan Sirhan ended up in hospital after being stabbed by a fellow prisoner.


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