Robert Pattinson wants to become the best Batman and trains tirelessly in the gym


Many fans still do not leave amazement, having learned that the next Batman would be played by Robert Pattinson; but the truth is that the actor is very enthusiastic about the idea and that is why he does not stop at the gym to become the best superhero of the "dark night".

The protagonist of Twilight, in 2008, is training hard to develop his muscle mass and cover his mouth to those who believe he will play a terrible role in trying to bring the bat man to life in the new version of Matt Reeves.

According to Men & # 39; s Health magazine, Robert Pattison has been training about six or eight hours a day at the gym in the last three weeks and is doing it with Harley Pasternak, who is well known for being the personal trainer of several Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Zac Efron.

According to Pasternak, Pattinson undergoes a routine military court with a duration of just over thirty minutes. In addition, it integrates boxing exercises and some martial arts to expand the strength and musculature of the whole body.

It is expected that Batman will reach the halls during 2021 and in a few months the filming of the new sequel will begin.

To date and 10 celebrities have given birth to the Night Knight who protects Gotham City from the bad guys. The most emblematic were Robert Lowery, Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and now Robert Pattison, who must demonstrate his best acting skills to convince critics.

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