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The writer has been living in that country for years and has already voted.

After three decades living in the United States, the writer Isabel Allende he has a very clear image of the political and social reality of that country. The author took advantage of the dissemination of her new book, Women of my soul, in which she recounts her training as a feminist, to share her impressions of Trump’s lands two days before the presidential election.

The next Tuesday November 3 is the date that Americans will determine if Donald Trump continues to occupy the seat of the White House Or hand it over to Joe Biden.

“The country is divided to the point that an armed confrontation is feared on election day. If Trump calls on his armed militias to come out, a very violent situation can happen. I don’t think there is a civil war for that is the National Guard, the Pentagon, but there may be something very serious. But America is scrubbed, Trump is a sinister character, but he represents 40% of the country. Trump has not created anything, he did not invent anything, he is the loudspeaker of what already exists and he was silent. No one confessed to being a racist until Trump came and put a loudspeaker on racism », said the author who already voted in advance, to Culto de La Tercera.

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