Roberto Palazuelos and Yadira Garza come together to visit their son at the military school

Although their relationship ended in 2016, Roberto Palazuelos y Yadira Garza They have managed to stay close and united through the love they both have for their son Roberto Jr., so even now they are considered great friends. Something that was recently demonstrated through his social networks, where the businessman shared a series of family photographs of the visit they made together to his son, who has been studying at a military school in the United States for some years, where we could see them most proud of their son and posing as the family they will always be.



It was also the actor who shared in his Instagram stories some glimpses of this special visit, where we could see him smiling, enjoying a day with his clan and showing off the good relationship they have with his ex. whom we also saw posing next to the interpreter and his most smiling son. In fact, ‘El Diamante Negro’ and Yadira were the protagonists of a posed couple, through which they made clear the complicity that still exists between them, as well as the great affection they have for each other, which has remained in force throughout through the years and despite the circumstances.

In other photos and videos that she shared on her social networks, we could see Yadira posing in Roberto Jr.’s uniform and also next to him, always proud of the young man, who made his parents feel a lot of emotion during a relay race in the one he participated in, where he showed his great sporting talent.


In a talk he had with the media in 2019, Roberto Palazuelos spoke of the great love he has for his son and the way in which he has been educating him, giving him lessons that will undoubtedly serve him for a lifetime. “I don’t give him everything, he has to earn his things with good grades, with his boxing classes, with everything he does. I bring it very limited, right now he comes asking me to change the iPad for a year and I tell him no, to wait… ”, he recounted in a talk he had with the First Hand program. “I don’t like to spoil it, I don’t want a junior because I’m going to take away a lot of potential. My dad was very hard on me in many aspects and that’s why I took out the claw that I took out for the business…”, he said in the interview, in which he also spoke of Robertito’s love for the city of Miami, the place where he lived for several years.

How is Palazuelos’ relationship with Yadira?

Despite their separation, Roberto and his ex-wife have always remained close and have built a very cordial relationship. Something that was reflected a few years ago in a message that the actor dedicated to the mother of her son on social networks, where she made it clear what it means to him to have her in her life. “Today on this important day for women, I share this photo with my ex-wife Yadhira, the mother of my son, she is no longer my partner, but she is my great friend and together we are parents. Thank you Yadi for being who you are, a woman who has given our son a great education and great loyalty to me. Thanks to the women for existing, I congratulate you on your movement, Success!” Roberto wrote on Instagram on the occasion of Women’s Day.


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