Robin Froidevaux must find new goals

At the end of February in Berlin, Robin Froidevaux and his three teammates Claudio Imhof, Stefan Bissegger and Cyrille Thièry ensured the Olympic qualification of the “four Helvetics”. You had to finish in the top eight of these Worlds to go to Tokyo, the Swiss finished eighth with 66 thousandths (!) Ahead of Japan.

Sixth in the final classification, the Swiss were not entirely satisfied with their performance. “We were disappointed with our times, admits Robin Froidevaux. We debriefed. The preparation may not have been optimal. But we still got the ticket to the Games, that was our main goal. “

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Returning from Berlin, Robin Froidevaux had given himself a five-day break before flying to Mallorca in the company of the Swiss juniors. “I like to ride there. The roads are beautiful and the climate is good. ” The Vaudois returned to Switzerland in mid-March while the country was switching to moderate confinement. “It was time to leave Spain. Right after we left, it was no longer possible to drive. You had to stay at home. ”

Member of the continental Akros-Excelsior-Thömus team, Robin Froidevaux (21) then had to fly to France to compete in the Paris – Troyes race before going on to the classics Ghent – Wevelgem and the Tour of Flanders 23 years old. “All of a sudden, we learned that all the races were canceled or postponed,” said the La Côte representative.

Upset program

So the Vaudois stayed at home in St-Saphorin-sur-Morges. Switzerland has not yet established a total French confinement, he takes advantage of the good weather to go out on bikes with family members. “Never more than two together. We do long outings. I find that the behavior of motorists is more attentive during this difficult period. There is always one or two to show us their annoyance because we are not confined, but others understand it better because it is our job. “

The Vaudois saw a beautiful spring on the bike to compete in road races with, perhaps, a participation in the Tour de Romandie. His whole program was turned upside down. We will not run for a long time in Europe. From June, Froidevaux was to join his fellow compatriots in Granges for the final preparation for the Games. With the Tokyo Games postponed in 2021, the whole program will be reshaped. “I see at least one advantage to this postponement. That leaves us another year to prepare. And there will be only three years to wait between Tokyo and the Games of Paris in 2024. And that, that is appreciable “, he underlines.


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