Robles says that Spain is prepared to evacuate Spaniards who can leave Gaza

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Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inform EL MUNDO that There are around 120 people with dual nationality registered, Palestinian and Spanish, in Gaza. Not everyone wants to leave the Strip, although as the offensive has intensified, the number of people who have Requested help in case of evacuationwhich seems imminent.

Negotiations to open the Rafah crossing have been carried out between the United States and Egypt.

Yesterday, Egypt had not responded to the latest verbal note from US diplomacy, however both Joe Biden’s executive and the diplomacy of other European countries became alert, aware that if Egypt’s response was positive, the evacuation plan.

Finally it has It has been agreed that half a thousand foreigners and 100 Gazans will leave today. If this first part of the departure passes without incident, taking into account that there is a confrontation and that Israeli troops have already entered Gaza, Tomorrow they could evacuate a thousand more people.

The Spanish diplomatic personnel stationed in Egypt are in the vicinity of the Rafah crossing, and this time, unlike in 2014, the evacuation will be done through Egypt and not through Jordan.

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