Robot “Optimus Prime” will debut on Tesla AI Day or be deployed to factories on a large scale丨A hot stock

The latest job postings show that Tesla’s Texas plant has made ambitious plans to deploy thousands of “Optimus” humanoid robots in the factory. The company also plans to eventually deploy millions of robots to Tesla factories around the world.

At the upcoming Tesla AI Day on September 30, a prototype of Tesla’s humanoid robot “Optimus Prime” will be unveiled, and the robot may begin production in 2023. Musk said that in the initial stage, “Optimus Prime” will be used to replace workers to do some boring or dangerous work, such as carrying parts; in the long run, robots can do more delicate work, such as cooking, mowing lawns and so on. Musk also said that the scale of the robotics business could eventually exceed Tesla’s car business revenue.

But Tesla’s plans have raised questions from some industry experts, who argue that humanoid robots are more sophisticated than self-driving cars. Japan’s Honda Motor and South Korea’s Hyundai Motor’s robotics division “Boston Dynamics” have been working in the field of humanoid robots for many years, but the commercial returns are less than the investment.

The robot “Optimus Prime” will appear on Tesla AI Day or be deployed in factories on a large scale. Click on the video to see what it is!

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