Roccella, the provision accompanying maternity leave is ready

“We have a provision accompanying maternity leave in the field together with the Ministry of Health which will be ready before the summer”. This was announced by the Minister of the Family, Birth Rate and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Rockella on the sidelines of the States General of the Natality.

“Our method – he added – is to privilege the fact of having children, it is something that must be rewarded”.

“We need a real cultural revolution, a significant change in parenting. We are facing a world that is different from that of our fathers and also from ours, and this is what we must measure ourselves against, because we don’t want to go back, but go on”. This was stated by the Minister for the Family, Birth Rate and Equal Opportunities Eugenia Roccella speaking at the States General of the birth rate underway in Rome. “This government has put the issue on the agenda – he recalled – right from the naming of the ministries, as evidenced by the name of the ministry that I have the honor of leading. And the birth rate has made it a central and priority issue in the government program With an innovative approach, transversal by subject, structural and not episodic. In fact, we are not limited to direct interventions for the family: our government has considered children as a guiding criterion, and I would say a founding one, for its action in every area From the tax authorities to business incentives, from building bonuses to aid against high bills, from fringe benefits to the inclusion allowance that replaces the basic income, children are a decisive parameter. This means priority”.

“There is a primary need to reconcile female work with motherhood. Because all the surveys agree in saying that Italian women want to have children, mostly two. If this desire doesn’t come true, why don’t they have any or they make one late, it’s because they feel faced with the alternative between professional fulfillment and becoming mothers,” said Roccella. “For this there is a need for equal opportunities, which does not mean egalitarianism and even less homologation – he added – but on the contrary means starting from the difference between men and women, which is the fundamental difference on which the human group is structured. It was said that it is unfair to treat equal situations in different ways, but it is also unfair to treat different situations in the same way.And then, without detracting from the fundamental role of fathers, but considering the commitment that a child represents for the mother, if only for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, it is necessary to build working environments that are able to welcome motherhood, shape themselves on it, not disadvantage it. Because saying that mom and dad are both important is obvious. But we must take note that they are the mothers who resign from their jobs after the birth of a child, it is the mothers who take advantage of the parental leave to which both parents are entitled, it is the women who pay the price of motherhood, without even the counterweight of social recognition”.

Free pill: Roccella, the government will not intervene, AIFA is autonomous “The abortion pill is always free because abortion is free whether it is done with the pill or with any other method” while “on Aifa” and the question of the free contraceptive pill “we do not intend to do anything because it is a provision that concerns Aifa, Aifa is absolutely autonomous, they are the ones who have to evaluate, it is a fact of health policy “. Minister Eugenia Roccella said it, on the sidelines of the General States of the Natality, on the free of charge of the contraceptive pill.

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