Rocío Monasterio will continue as spokesperson for Vox in the Madrid Assembly after the resignation of Espinosa de los Monteros

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Dew Monastery She is not going to take a step back on the political scene as her husband did this Tuesday, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, when announcing that he is leaving Vox. The party spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly intends to remain in her seat in the Vallecas chamber, as confirmed to EL MUNDO in her surroundings.

The parliamentary group that he leads was decisive in the first two legislatures of Isabel Diaz Ayuso at the head of the Government of Puerta del Sol: in 2019 she allowed the constitution of the coalition with Ciudadanos and in 2021 the approval of the only regional Budgets that the regional president has carried out to date. The absolute majority that the PP reached in the elections last May, however, has now minimized its ability to influence.

In the party, the possibility of Monasterio going on to lead Vox’s candidacy for Madrid City Council was even contemplated, an option that not even the aforementioned herself publicly ruled out. “In the Assembly there is a left that does not even give to poke them, they are very bad. I will be where I can give the left the most firewood, where I can distribute to the communists,” he slipped last year in an interview on esRadio when he was asked directly for this question.

Particularly critical of the mayor of the capital, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeidacame to nickname him carmeid for maintaining the restrictions on traffic in Central Madrid approved by Manuela Carmena that his successor had promised to reverse. Internally, she saw herself as more likely to put the candidate in trouble popular to re-election in the Cibeles Palace than his fellow ranks, Javier Ortega Smithalthough finally the party opted for continuity and there was no relief.

In the regional Assembly, his group now has a secondary role, but not because they lost three of the 13 deputies they had in the last legislature, but because of Ayuso’s absolute majority that has shrunk the importance that their votes had had since 2019. Still, at least for now, he won’t be jumping ship.

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