Rocío Sánchez Azuara: at 56, in a blue bathing suit, she laughs lying on a yacht

One of the most recognized drivers in Mexico is Rocío Sánchez Azuara, also very dear. Hence, his followers remain faithful on social networks. Today, we see her at 56, in a blue bathing suit, she laughs lying on a yacht. Without a doubt, she is a very disciplined woman. The truth is that from its beginnings on the screen we have not seen it stop and it seems that better things are coming.

Although he recently left a program on Televisa, Rocío Sánchez Azuara, Announced that she is already working on a new project, so her fans will be able to enjoy seeing her on screen. Of course, for now, it joins celebrities in favor of quarantine, since it confirms the importance of staying at home, in these times of coronavirus.

Rocío Sánchez Azuara in blue swimsuit

However, this quarantine is causing something very similar among celebrities. It is time to be with family, take care of ourselves, protect ourselves, but also to reflect: past, present and what is coming. Hence, that too Rocío Sánchez Azuara She decided to share a photograph in which she remembered a very funny moment with one of her best friends.

What became clear is that Rocío Sánchez Azuara, continues to maintain an incredible silhouette, even after being a mother and being 56 years old. Let’s say she is something like Maribel Guardia’s cousin, she flies down the same path. Not right? In a blue two-piece swimsuit, the driver laughed out loud.

Apparently her best friend took the image at the right time, that is, it was not planned and it looks like a magazine. Rocío Sánchez Azuara He could not stop laughing at the occurrences of his friend and she took advantage.

Today my #tbt Like when one of my best friends and twin only makes you laugh and takes the opportunity to take the photo, to be repeated soon @ icasas9.


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