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The trio of Elvis Radio: Pierre Guénard (vocals and guitar), Manu Ralambo (electric guitar and bass) and Colin Russeil (drums and keyboards).
The trio of Elvis Radio: Pierre Guénard (vocals and guitar), Manu Ralambo (electric guitar and bass) and Colin Russeil (drums and keyboards). DR

These guys – title of their second album – they are three and put on the cover, like the rockers of the past, around a table football. Manu Ralambo (electric guitar and bass) and Colin Russeil (drums and keyboards) are at the handles, while Pierre Guénard (vocals and guitar) observes, Beatles boots on his feet. Bananas and tattoos are missing to evoke stray cats, behind a name that binds the media and the messiah that spread the sacred word of rock & # 39; n & # 39; roll: Radio Elvis. In the internal photo of the booklet, they are displayed bad guys in sanitary spaces with walls covered with girls with shiny hair.

Here's how to break a literary group image, rewarded with a victory of music as "revelation of the year" 2017 for The conquests. He is soon attached to the most evident successes of the fusion of French language and rock: Bashung, Black Desire – whose final album, Faces of the figures, is an absolute model for Radio Elvis, which means – and Dominique A. "We have never been compared to people we hate, congratulates Pierre Guénard. In fact, these are the references that have been inserted in the press folder … " And a hook, by the way, for lazy journalists.


A first album is often the result of a gestation of several years. The second, on the contrary, is born quickly, in a few months, and regularly repeats the subject of the previous one. These guys escapes this rule. Serious, precious and melancholic, Radio Elvis welcomes the listener with wrapping 23 minutes, three minutes and some of dance without cars on a New York track. "On the tour bus, we listened to groups like Talking Heads, which I knew very badly, LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fireexplains the singer. We were so far away in contemplation, and we quickly went around. We wanted this record to be gorgeous, that the music was brilliant with obscure lyrics. Because if we are not happy with the passing time, it is because we love life. "

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Most of the songs by achievements it had been written before the formation of the trio, in 2013, when the Poitevin Pierre Guénard, coming from the slam scene, had risen to Paris: "I had difficulty in hiring myself as a musician, I thought I was not a good guitarist, so I relied on writing and on the voice, which was more my domain, there, we all put behind an instrument that is not ours, the plan, to bring a different color, he accompanied all the first scrolls and really allowed me to sing.First, I "decimated", to the French, between speaking and singing. " Illustration on ethereal What smokes us, Prayers lost, which begins as a ballad by Nick Cave (to which an allusive tribute is given Nocturama) to speed up and move on to an epic dimension or to the delicate romanticism of Bunch of immortelles, a declaration of love.


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