Rocket League: Kick-off of the sixth Rocket Pass

The sixth Rocket Pass will determine the events in Rocket League starting Wednesday (March 25th), and should keep players busy for more than 60 hours.

Psyonix awarded double experience points last weekend to give players a better chance of completing the fifth Rocket Pass. However, the sixth Rocket Pass will come into force on Wednesday and challenge fans again with numerous challenges. For 1,000 credits not only the new Rocket Pass in the premium version, but also the cybernetic vehicle “Ronin” will be activated. For 2,000 credits, the bundle version can also be purchased, which has twelve additional levels. Instead of the usual 70 levels, 82 have to be mastered, reaching the extra level with salable special editions of regular rewards.

In addition to “Ronin”, the progress in the Rocket Pass includes the vehicles “Rad Rock” (Level 6), “Perp Dagger” (Level 17), “Tigress” (Level 21), “Crypto” (Level 27), “Ronin G1 “(Level 34),” Beam One “(Level 37),” Mako Marks “(Level 41),” Mica Lag II “(Level 47),” HoloData “(Level 53),” Huntress “(Level 63) and “Ronin GXT” (Level 70) available. With the new era in Rocket League, fans will find themselves in futuristic Japan, visually, Far East Asian charm and high-gloss science fiction meet. The developer publishes three challenges per week as part of the Rocket Pass, plus another three challenges for premium owners. The successful completion of the tasks accelerates the level up, challenges from previous weeks are still pending available until the end of the Rocket Pass.

Pure cosmetics, no competitive advantage

Some content is completely without additional costs as rewards, free items include “Breakout: Mammoth Decal”, “Checkmate Topper” and “Hex Fade Trail”. The objects of the premium version to be earned through progress such as “Flower Child” (level 13), “Q-Runner” (level 20) and “Cyberware” (level 59) are purely cosmetic objects that no advantages for the competitive game Offer. In order to purchase the premium version of the Rocket Pass, you have to click on “Rocket Pass” in the main menu before “Get Premium” is selected in the next step and paid for with the credits – then the hunt for the items can begin.

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