Rockstar blocks “GTA 6” from typing on their YouTube channel | GamingDose

As if unable to withstand the demands of the fans, Rockstar had to take some action.

Rockstar is still moving forward. Still supporting GTA V, it’s been over 8 years and fans are starting to demand GTA 6. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any information about the new game yet.

While many fans started playing big All of them burst onto the stage to ask questions, keep asking questions, and keep an eye out for new game releases. GTA 6 will always be the title to ask, and Rockstar seems to be completely fed up with this happening.

As a result, their YouTube channel has muted or barred from mentioning GTA 6 in either live or commentary on Rockstar’s videos, while the words GTA VI are still typed. normally

One user typed GTA 6 into a comment box on a video that was over 15 years old, but when they switched accounts to view comments, they couldn’t see their comments. It is clear that Rockstar has suspended or blocked this comment from showing up on the show.

However, all of this is just a YouTube channel blocking, and gamers can still follow and comment on other platforms as well. There’s no clear reason why Rockstar took this step. which we may have to wait to follow in the future

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GTA V is currently porting to Next-Gen consoles in March 2022, and there are rumors of remasters of older titles as well.

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