Rocksteady Confirms Suicide Squad Video Game

Rocksteady has confirmed he’s working on a Suicide Squad video game

In a tweet showing the image of a Superman with a target on his head, the developers of the Batman Arkham saga revealed that the Suicide Squad video game will be announced on August 22, during the DC Fandome event.

The possibility of a Task Force-X centric game was first considered after the end of Batman: Origines d’Arkham, developed by WB Games Montreal, which featured a post-credits scene in which Amanda Waller asks Deathstroke to join the Suicide Squad. Since Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham Knight, there have been rumors suggesting the studio is working on this title, but there was no official news from the development team or publisher WB Games.

These rumors surfaced last June. With the suggestion that the full name of the game could be Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League, having acquired the domains, and from Rocksteady.

Now, with the announcement of the company, these rumors are confirmed. Although the poster design that appears in the Tweet only mentions Suicide Squad. However, the logo is arranged like a cross on Superman’s head, so it looks like the team will be targeting members of the Justice League.

No other details were revealed as part of the tweet, but we’ll likely find out a lot more on DC FanDome on August 22. We can also expect WB Games to make the Gotham Knights announcement as well.

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