Røde VideoMic GO II: Directional microphone with USB-C for cameras, cell phones and compis

The Australian microphone specialist with the Scandinavian-sounding name (the company founders came from Sweden) has presented another video microphone with the VideoMic GO II, which is the second generation of which is designed for use with photo and video cameras, thanks to an additional USB-C Connection can also be used easily on computers, smartphones and tablets. The areas of application range from professional sound for film/video to podcasts and live streaming – wherever and whenever high-quality sound is required. As a directional microphone (shotgun) with supercardioid characteristics, the sound recording is concentrated on a narrower target point, while surrounding noise sources are largely ignored.

Side view of the VideoMic GO II with foam windscreen and in a spring-loaded holder with a foot ISO accessory shoe of a camera. Here you can see the “USB Type C” socket for recording and live sound via USB and controlling the microphone with the Røde apps.

The directional microphone without a windscreen: on the left is the classic 3.5 mm jack socket for analog audio transmission to a camera.

The VideoMic GO II is the latest addition to the legendary line of shotgun microphones. It is an ultra-lightweight and compact shotgun condenser microphone that is packed with innovative features for the content producers. Like the original VideoMic GO From 2013, one of Røde’s best-selling on-camera microphones, the new VideoMic GO II offers excellent sound quality while being very easy to use. However, it has some new features such as USB connectivity and configuration options that make it particularly powerful and versatile. While an analogue sound from the microphone reaches the camera or a device with a microphone input via the classic audio connection using a 3.5 mm jack plug, this is done digitally via the USB cable via the integrated converter of the microphone at 24 bit/48 kHz (for comparison, use audio CDs 16bit/44.1kHz).

The VideoMic GO II mounted on a DSLR camera on the left and mounted on a table tripod on the right and connected to a computer in a streaming setup.


VideoMic GO II Key Features:

  • Revolutionary acoustic design first introduced with the VideoMic NTG and NTG5 professional shotgun microphones. It delivers unmatched transparency and rich, full-bodied sound.
  • 3.5mm jack output for use with cameras and USB-C output for use with smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Ultra-light (only 89 grams) and compact, the mic is extremely portable and useful for a variety of content creation applications.
  • Easy to Use: It requires no batteries and has no complicated switches or controls. (Just plug into a USB-C port or mic jack and record.)
  • Compatible with Røde Apps: The programs for Mac, Win allow access to advanced functions and powerful audio processing. They allow recordings in studio quality on any contemporary device.
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High-quality sound recordings are possible with the Røde VideoMic GO II for little money and very simply and easily for everyone to fully concentrate on the content to be created.

For professional audio recordings

With the VideoMic GO II, recording professional-quality audio is child’s play. It features the same revolutionary acoustic design as the VideoMic NTG and NTG5 professional shotgun microphones, utilizing our innovative donut tube technology to deliver unmatched transparency and a rich, full sound that enhances the audio quality of any connected device. The VideoMic GO II is powered by plug-in or USB, meaning no batteries are required. Because it has no complicated switches or controls, it’s incredibly easy to use – just pick up, plug in and go.

A mic for every device

Like all Røde VideoMics, the new VideoMic GO II features a 3.5mm jack output and is an optimal solution for filmmakers and content creators who need a compact, easy-to-use microphone for high-quality audio recordings with a camera.

In addition, it has a USB-C output for direct connection to smartphones, tablets and computers – an innovative and very useful functionality in everyday life, which can also be found on the VideoMic NTG launched in 2019 (Photointernally reported) .

The VideoMic GO II connected to a computer in a streaming setup.

This patent-pending technology unlocks tremendous creative potential, making the VideoMic GO II suitable for everything from creating content for TikTok on a smartphone to recording a podcast on a computer. In USB mode, the 3.5mm connector acts as a headphone output for zero-latency audio monitoring (live recording control) and playback, essentially turning the VideoMic GO II into a full USB microphone.

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Small, light, uncomplicated for top sound quality

With a weight of only 89 grams and a length of only 150 mm, the VideoMic GO II is ultra-light and compact. Perfect for use with point-and-shoot cameras, smartphone recording devices, or as a desktop USB mic, it’s small enough to take with you wherever you go – ideal for creatives on the go. Despite its small size, the VideoMic GO II is a powerhouse: It has a professional shock absorber mount (red Rycote mount) and a high-quality windscreen, a robust all-metal housing and the usual high build quality that ensures that it can withstand the tough demands of everyday work withstands.

The VideoMic GO II mounted on the left of the SmartGrip and connected to an iPhone via the SC15 cable.

USB in the microphone expands the possibilities

The ability to connect the VideoMic GO II to a smartphone, tablet or computer via USB not only opens up a world of creative possibilities, but also gives access to the powerful features of the Røde app suite, derived from «Røde Connect» , «Røde Central» and «Røde Reporter».

Red Central is a practical computer program and also available as a mobile app for smartphones. The software gives microphone users access to advanced features such as high-pass filter, high-frequency boost, pad and full control over input and headphone output levels.

Røde Connect is the free podcasting and streaming software. It allows up to four VideoMic GO II (and other compatible Røde microphones) to be connected to a computer, with full control over the microphone input level, access to the high-pass filter (e.g. against wind and ambient noise), high-frequency boost and the pad, and audio processing in studio quality, including the legendary effects «Aphex Aural Exciter» and «Big Bottom» as well as audio compressor and noise gate.

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The “Red Reporter» mobile app for iOS and Android devices is for creatives who want a simple solution for capturing professional broadcast-quality audio on a mobile device.

Compatibility with Røde Central, Røde Connect and Røde Reporter via the advanced USB audio output makes the VideoMic GO II a powerful and versatile microphone, perfect for everyone – from mobile content creators to podcasters and live streamers.

price and availability

The Røde VideoMic GO II will be available in Switzerland from the end of March 2022. Its price (RRP) is 115 francs.

Further information

Red VideoMic GO II (Product page)

Red Microphones (Manufacturer side)

Røde microphones are distributed in Switzerland by:
Go Wild AG
PO Box 1446
CH-6301 train
Tel. 041 766 37 00

Red VideoMic GO II – specifications
acoustic principle Pressure gradient condenser
polar pattern Superniere
transmission range 20Hz – 20kHz
output impedance 2K2Ω
signal-to-noise ratio 79 dBA
intrinsic noise (A-weighted) 15 dBA
dynamic range 95 dBA typical
sensitivity -31dBV(28.78mV @ 94dB SPL) ± 1dB @ 1kHz
limit sound pressure level 110 dB SPL
Outputs 3.5mm TRS connector
Computerverbindung USB 2.0 (USB-C)
Simultaneous I/O Stereo input and output in USB mode
power supply 3.5mm plug-in power 2 – 5V
bit depth 24-bit
Sample Rates 48 kHz
Mini. System Requirements macOS 10.15 and newer
Windows 10 (20H2)
iOS 14
Android 9.0
Weight VideoMic GO II: 33 g
VideoMic GO II mit SM8-R: 89 g
VideoMic GO II and included accessories: 96 g
Dimensions VideoMic GO II: Ø 21.6 mm, L: 120 mm
VideoMic GO II and accessories: L: 150 mm, B: 70 mm, H: 86 mm
included supply 1 x SC14 3.5mm «TRS to TRS»-Kabel
1 x foam windscreen
1 x SM8-R Shock Absorbing Holder

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