The statute of limitations revolves around issues of guilt, forgiveness and the statute of limitations for murder. Director Robert Sedláček solves the inner struggle and the long-term journey of the main character for purification and forgiveness.

Roden’s acting counterpart will be the young actress Barbora Bočková. Vladimír Kratina and Karel Jirák will enjoy filming at the police station and Vilma Cibulková and Denisa Barešová will introduce themselves as a mother and daughter, whose lives will suddenly turn upside down. Michal Holán will introduce himself in the studio as a moderator of Barbora Bočková.

The film was inspired by a real case. “I am convinced that making films based on important social themes is the future of cinema. The statute of limitations for murder and other crimes is just one of them, “explained producer Jiří Tuček, the reason why he decided to deal with this thorny topic.

Vladimir Kratina

Photo: Nikol Klevcovová

“I received an offer from the production to write and direct a film whose theme is my own. I always choose the topics I work on carefully, I didn’t hesitate a minute here, “adds director Robert Sedláček.

The film Expired will enter cinemas early next year.

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