Health Rodez. In Aveyron, the Covid-19 claimed the lives of...

Rodez. In Aveyron, the Covid-19 claimed the lives of at least 42 people

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Mortality in nursing homes has taken a leap forward as the news comes back.

If the Occitanie Regional Health Agency (ARS) publishes every evening a precise epidemiological bulletin, by department, which allows the evolution of the pandemic to be measured, this count only concerns health establishments.

Unfortunately, we know that the damage to the Covid-19, everywhere in France, extends far beyond hospitals. The General Directorate of Health, by the voice of Jérôme Salomon, has also included in its daily press point the deaths in accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad).

The Aveyron is obviously in the same boat. Thus Thursday evening, the 19 dead announced by the ARS since the beginning of the pandemic deliver only partial information: it was necessary to add to it 15 deaths of residents of Ehpad of all the department, (of which 5 are extinct at the hospital, therefore already taken into account by the ARS), for an assessment to date of 29 deaths for Aveyron, officially listed.

But this gruesome death toll from Covid-19 victims has increased with a single blow since yesterday to 42, according to our information.

A significant increase that only affects residents of Ehpad. It is not necessarily a question of deaths observed in the last few hours, but rather the taking into account of data which has been slow to recover.

Asked Thursday about the situation in nursing homes, Catherine Sarlandie de la Robertie, the prefect of Aveyron, did not wish to put forward precise figures, or even mention any particular establishment. It’s the trend that matters. And these days, it’s on the rise, she admits. Likewise, these data have not been confirmed by the ARS.

“Stabilization in Aveyron”

It must be said that if transparency has been in place since the start of the crisis, the subject is particularly delicate, especially for the families of residents, who are inevitably very worried that the virus is rife in the various nursing homes in the department where find relatives.

If he confirms these data overall, Pierre Roux, who represents the directors of establishments in Aveyron, prefers to focus on a situation that has been moving in the right direction lately.

There seems to be stabilization in the department, he explains. We must not hide our faces, obviously that certain establishments are affected, but the situation in Aveyron is not comparable to Ile-de-France or Grand Est. About ten establishments are affected out of nearly 80.

Prefers to highlight the constant and flawless mobilization of teams in a particularly difficult period to live.

A complicated period therefore, which is obviously far from over.

Pierre Roux does not say anything else, but he notes however that the arrival of tests in establishments will allow us to have a more precise picture of the situation and to adapt accordingly.

If the balance sheet is heavy, the department is not the most affected in the region (see opposite), but the fact remains that all health actors work together to best protect these establishments.

This other director of Ehpad, who did not want his name to appear, to conclude: Without wishing to put things into perspective, it should be understood that in our establishments, the virus affects the elderly, sometimes very frail. It is essential to take infinite precautions, to remain very strict on barrier gestures. But we must also be able to count on the luck factor.

Eight establishments in Aveyron have so far been affected by the virus. The 28 residents who died were from six of them. Nant, Firmi, Flagnac and even Clairvaux were apparently the most exposed and had to face up to prevent the situation from becoming more dramatic, with the support of the ARS and the forces of the hospital of Rodez, on the front line, as we know, in the battle against the virus in Aveyron.

Eight establishments affected

Public Health France yesterday published a weekly update on Occitania. It specifies there that if a certain number of indicators are directed in decrease, the viral circulation is still supported, and requests the respect of the measures, in particular of containment.

We also learn about the Ehpad that 205 establishments reported cases of Covid-19 between March 1 and April 14 for a total of 1751 cases (including 583 confirmed) among residents, and 874 (359 confirmed) at the staff level, all at the regional level.

There are 154 deaths in Occitania among residents.

For the department of Aveyron, the point of Public Health France reports 160 cases among residents of medico-social establishments between March 1 and April 14.

L’Hérault, the most exposed department since the beginning, records 603, Haute-Garonne 277, Tarn-et-Garonne 217 and Aude 186.


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