Rodolfo Sancho denies that his son’s former Thai lawyer gave any interviews: "That would damage your reputation and professionalism."

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Waiting for his son’s trial to take place in Thailand Due to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, Rodolfo Sancho sees how the ‘media circus’ does not diminish around his son Daniel Sancho.

The actor has had to issue a statement to deny alleged statements by his son’s former Thai lawyer, Anan Chuayprabatto the magazine ‘Semana’, in which the lawyer gave his opinion on the case.

“In response to the latest news that appeared in different media, in relation to the statements made by the Thai lawyer Mr. Anan, we want to deny said statements in their entirety, since we have been in contact with the aforementioned lawyer, through the head of the professional office in which Mr. Anan provides his services, deny that any type of statement has been made regarding the case,” the statement says.

Thus, he assures that Chuayprabat has not confessed his opinion “to any accredited media for this purpose” since this “it would directly damage their reputation and professionalism”.

It should be remembered that Daniel Sancho has been without a lawyer in Thailand since September 7, when his father dispensed with the services of Anan Chuayprabat for “discrepancies in defense”.

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