Rodrigo Cuevas: "Those who denounce the dictatorship of political correctness are the biggest censors in this country"

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If a 2.0 folklore list were created in 2023, Rodrigocaves (Oviedo, 1985) would come out as a renewed Isabel Pantoja or a renewed Paquita Rico. Because beyond the obvious taste for folklore, in all its musical sense, Cuevas lives with an excessive, provocative and even mischievous attitude. Without forcing it, like a natural force that has always been there and will never disappear. The big ones.

And the definition itself could not be more fitting to the character, sitting on a sofa at the Sony headquarters, passing through Madrid. Because everything that has to do with Rodrigo Cuevas is understood from his home in a town in deep Asturias, in the council of Piloña, surrounded by his neighbors, his donkeys and peace. The noise is already being played by his new album, Pilgrimage manuala vindication of hedonism with tones that range from traditional Celtic music to electronic, which seems to return and readapt its beginnings in 2016 with Prince of Verdiciu. Without ever giving up her folklore, thanks to which she has just won the National Prize for Current Music, in which “the uniqueness” of her proposal and her “strong commitment to diversity” have been highlighted.

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