Rodríguez Ibarra believes that the amnesty is "rape 40 million" of Spaniards and the Constitution

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The former president of the Government of Extremadura Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarraof the PSOE, this Wednesday compared a possible amnesty for the Catalan independence leaders with “violating 40 million Spaniards”, their votes and the Constitution.

At a breakfast Europe Forumthe socialist has reflected on a possible amnesty law in exchange for the support of Junts in an investiture of Pedro Sánchez and has assured that “no one would think of giving amnesty to a rapist.”

The PSOE, for its part, has asked the former socialist leader to “be restrained when using certain verbs” because “they do not contribute anything positive.” The party spokesperson, Pilar Alegríahas defended that Sánchez is responding to the results of the polls on July 23 because the Spanish said they wanted to continue “on that path of progress and growth.”

Previously, Rodríguez Ibarra had referred to the “monumental scandal” because some rapists have benefited from the Law of only yes is yes, whose entry into force has reduced the sentences of hundreds of sexual offenders or has made it possible for them to be released before completing their sentences. “How can you tolerate someone raping 40 million Spaniards? Because whoever violates the Constitution is violating me, they are violating my vote,” continued the socialist, who emphasized that an amnesty would help Spaniards be “more unequal” and would constitute a “betrayal” of PSOE voters.

In this context, he has attacked members of his own party for “paving the way” for Carles Puigdemont, who in his opinion “tries to humiliate” the acting president. “I don’t understand very well the leaders of my party when they are paving the way for Puigdemont,” he stated. The socialist considers that the leadership of the PSOE, instead of saying “let the general secretary (Sánchez) do what he has to do”, they would have to tell him “do what you promised to do to the citizens on 23-J”, remembering that the The acting head of the Executive did utter the word amnesty before the elections, precisely to ensure that there would not be one.

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