Rodríguez Larreta: I’m for a national project

“I am here to play, I am to help, to transmit the experience of the City to the Province. I am for a national project”Rodríguez Larreta emphasized during a virtual chat with members of the Political Table of Together for Change in the Buenos Aires party of La Matanza, headed by the former Minister of Education Alejandro Finocchiaro.

Introducing it, Finocchiaro stated that “Horacio needs no introduction. He is the best politician of our generation, a person who does not know how to subtract, who always adds ”.

In this context, the head of the Buenos Aires government highlighted: “I work so that Together for Change returns to the government. From that, the people will decide. I have a vocation, for years, but the important thing is that we return, not that I arrive. And it is now.”

“It is important to make a good choice next year, you don’t have to wait until the 23rd”, highlighted the Buenos Aires president, referring to the legislative elections that will be held in 2021.

In this regard, the PRO leader affirmed that they have “a project to win”, and harangued the militants: “We have to win in La Matanza, it is not enough to make a good choice. It is essential to work in the street, to be with the people every day. “

“The media have their role. Networks are very important and we have well-developed teams to communicate, but nothing replaces direct contact with people, and it is worth double if it is done outside of electoral times,” he explained during the virtual meeting held this Thursday.

Regarding his relationship with the former Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal explained: “We are not partners, because partnerships can break up and our relationship cannot. María Eugenia and I are the same.”

“The only way for Argentina to get ahead is to end the antinomies and have a broader consensus. It has not been possible in the country for 100 years, they always fight with each other”, he stated.

Finally, Rodríguez Larreta rescued the need to “value unity”, but explained: “If we all think the same, we will be few. We have to know how to manage differences, be tolerant, flexible. Which does not mean to put aside our values “. “As when we now see that it is intended to make a hasty reform of the Justice, modify the Court. There is no sentence on that.


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