Rodríguez Larreta: We have a great responsibility to end the crack

The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said that politicians have “a great responsibility to end the crack” and considered “good for the future” to achieve “a reasonable dialogue among all.”

“I am a fervent believer in dialogue, it is my way of life, I have always been like this, and not to mention in this situation of the pandemic. But it is not that I start to dialogue now. I believe in dialogue as part of the future of the Argentina, “said the official in an interview published this Sunday by the newspaper Perfil.

In this context, he noted: “We have a great responsibility to end the rift. It is good for the future that we can all have a reasonable dialogue; there are many things that I pointed out as differences with the Government, but that is not why we are not going to dialogue.” .

Also, he considered something “natural” that President Alberto Fernández called him “friend” in one of the press conferences they offered jointly.

“It was natural because he introduced everyone like that. I understand that in my case it has a different political reading, but at the time it seemed natural to me. I have a good relationship,” said the head of the City Government.

In addition, he assured that he maintains a “good relationship” with the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, and argued: “We have a lot of interaction: the entire city limit, with three million people, is with the suburbs, ten million living around it. It’s obvious that we have to work it out together. “

The official also spoke of his relationship with former President Mauricio Macri and the rest of Together for Change.

“With Mauricio I have regular dialogue, obviously. He has always been very respectful with those of us who have management responsibility. I feel supported by all Together for Change,” he said.

Asked about the new Executive Board of the PRO, created after the dissemination of a JxC statement after the death of the businessman and former presidential secretary in Kirchnerism Fabián Gutiérrez, who divided waters within the opposition alliance, Larreta considered that “all progress in the organization of the party, also with the presence of very representative and powerful leaders is definitely good. “

Regarding the situation in the city in health matters, in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic and the new permits for certain activities, which come into force tomorrow, Rodríguez Larreta explained that the decision was adopted because “the rate of contagion measured with the R is stabilized for 25 days “.

“Secondly, I have high expectations for the testing strategy, the Detectar plan. And thirdly, I trust the people, the porteños. In general terms, taking care of people has been good: you don’t see people without a mask practically , people in shops are estranged “, he completed.


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