Roger Waters’ collaborators accuse him of being anti-Semitic in a new documentary

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Roger Watersco-founder of the band Pink Floydhas been accused by two of his collaborators of continued anti-Semitism in the documentary The Dark Side of Roger Watersan investigation produced by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) and directed by John Warea former BBC investigative journalist.

The documentary collects the testimonies of people who worked with Roger Waterswhich offer examples of derogatory comments about Jews that the band’s composer would have made.

Norbert Stachela saxophonist of Jewish origin who worked with Waters, recounts how the latter made a mockery of his grandmother when he learned that she had been murdered in the Holocaust of the Second World War, according to The Guardian.

Stachel also says that Waters lost his temper in a restaurant during a tour of Lebanon, where he demanded that the waiters “they will take away the Jewish food”. The saxophonist acknowledges in the documentary that a friend recommended that he not respond to Waters’ comments about Jews if he wanted to keep his work.

For his part, the music producer Bob Ezrin offers another controversial episode in the 70s about a song about Pink Floyd’s agent, Bryan Morrison. “I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but it was something like… the last line of the couplet was ‘because Morry is a fucking Jew,'” Ezrin says.

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