Roh Tae Moon as a new hope for the mobile business

Roh Tae Moon

The 51-year-old takes over the management of the mobile communications division, which is important for Samsung.

(Photo: Samsung Electronics)

Tokyo Samsung Electronics changes leadership in mobile business. In the future, 51-year-old Roh Tae Moon will be responsible for defending Koreans’ global market leadership in smartphones and tablets. Roh’s predecessor Koh Dong Jin will concentrate on managing the IT and mobile technology division.

Roh actually takes over the important division at a critical time. In the third quarter of the financial year, it was still the world market leader with a market share of 21 percent, but due to the massive competition from other manufacturers, the division lost its central role as the Group’s profit engine. In the meantime, the company generates more sales through the production of memory chips.

In addition, Rohs’ duty book says to repair the image of the smartphone manufacturer, which had been damaged in the past years by breakdowns on the Galaxy model. In 2016, the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 had to be stopped due to burning batteries. The launch of the first foldable cell phone was delayed this year. Because tests of the Galaxy Fold revealed problems with the display that Samsung apparently had not noticed during development.

It is Roh’s job to address these vulnerabilities through intelligent crisis management. The manager, previously head of the development center for mobile devices, is already considered the driving force in the smartphone development of the group. Because he is not only responsible for Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, as Lee Dohoon argues.

The analyst at Bank Cimb also points out that Samsung also helped develop the independent design for smartphones in the lower and medium price range. “Samsung could now be the US company Apple to focus on design and development. ”Lee therefore expects Samsung to outsource its cell phone production, which has been held in the group for a long time.

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