Román falls injured with an accurate goring in Las Ventas

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The victor who opened the bullfight, passing through the jurisdiction of Romanian. She remained below, without finishing passing or humiliating. He was always involved in protests because of his power counted on those who did not measure anything else. Nor did they value the dull danger, precisely because of their lack of drive to get out of luck.of the crimson one touched above with two daggers.

When the Valencian wanted to settle with him, sitting on his back, and pull the lunge on his right hand, he stopped halfway. And with a dry and certain defeat he made flesh in the thigh.

The blood immediately came out through the gap in the satchel.. The tourniquet withstood the bleeding and Román stood tall on his wounded dignity. He even plunged the sword. That because of his journey he needed madness.

The bullfighter’s breath did not last that long, as he was taken to the infirmary by the crew. No more protests were heard.. And Borja Jiménez finished the unfinished work with a single crosshead blow. The echo of the ovation was heard in the anteroom of the operating room and the afternoon was hand in hand.

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