Román Riquelme, the model of the new Xeneize pilcha

Monday, August 24, 2020 | 5: 00hs.

Despite being Boca’s vice president, Juan Román Riquelme does not appear frequently. In fact, outside the scope of the parties, when he was seen in his box in the Bombonera, there are few occasions in which JR was publicly shown. One of the last, in fact, was for the 20 years of the Libertadores in 2000, two months ago. Well, in these hours, the 10th shook the networks with his presence as … a model.

Yes, Riquelme appeared on his official Instagram (@ todosobreroman10) wearing Boca’s new jacket, in its two versions: one blue and the other white. And he did it in his style, thumbs up, just the same day that the brand that wears the team announced the release of that new outfit.

Román, in fact, beyond commanding the club’s Football Council, does not show himself when signing contracts with the players who arrive or who renew their bond (as happened with Mauro Zárate or Javier García, for example), so each appearance generates a stir. And this time, of course, it was no exception.

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