Roma’s main midfielder infected with the new crown Mourinho: the work of the past week was wasted_Chris Tante

Original title: Roma’s main midfielder infected with the new crown Mourinho: the work of the past week was wasted

Rome officially announced this Saturday that the two midfielders, Christant and Bilal, tested positive for the new crown virus, and both of them will be quarantined separately. The Roma coach Mourinho complained that this caused the team’s work in the past week to be wasted.

The official website of the Club of Rome stated: “The club can confirm that in the latest round of new coronavirus tests conducted on the first team, Christant and Bilal tested positive. We immediately notified the relevant health authorities of the test results. Both of these players have been vaccinated before, and they are currently in good condition and both are isolated at home.”

The 23-year-old Bilar is a Spanish midfielder. He was the main player in Rome last season, but this season is not as important as coach Mourinho. He has few chances to play and may even leave the team in the winter. But the 26-year-old Italian midfielder Cristante is Mourinho’s favorite. He is the main midfielder for Rome this season and can also play as a central defender. His absence will cause a lot of damage to the team. Negative impact.

At 3:45 am on November 22, Beijing time, in the 13th round of Serie A, Roma will challenge Genoa in the away game. Genoa had just changed coaches and invited Vuchenko, a famous Ukrainian dormitory, to coach. Roma has recently been in a downturn, with only one victory in the last seven games. The pressure on coach Mourinho and the Roma team is very high.

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Roma coach Jose Mourinho said at a pre-match press conference: “Christante and Bilal are infected with the new crown, which has caused the work we have done in the past week to be thrown into the trash. There is no doubt. , When losing an important player like Christant, everything we did was in vain. But before that, we have encountered many similar problems-for example, the three left-backs in the previous team were all due to The injury is absent, obviously, we need to find a different solution, some players will have to make sacrifices, and may play a position they are not familiar with.”

Mourinho continued: “Indeed, this is a difficult time for us. We don’t know what tactics Genoa will play, and they don’t know how we will play. The biggest difficulties for me and Shevchenko are There are important players absent. We miss all the left backs and Cristant, but in any case, this game is Roma vs Genoa. We all need points. As usual, this will be a game full of desire to win. Interesting game. I wish Shevchenko, like me, lose his first game as a club coach and win a lot.”Return to Sohu to see more


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