Entertainment Romina Marcos, Niurka's daughter, is betrayed by her blouse,...

Romina Marcos, Niurka’s daughter, is betrayed by her blouse, she did not wear a bra!

Mexico City.-Since he managed to lose weight dramatically earlier this year,Romina Marcos, Niurka’s daughter, has been seen in sensual photographs on her social networks.

Just as you did through your accountInstagram, where she was very flirtatious with a blouse that she cut herself during her free time during this quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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However, some of the users could not avoid pointing out that the garment itself evidenced, due to its thinness, that the 25-year-old actress and dancerno bra underneath.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, Romina Marcos dared to change her ‘look’ and in a YouTube video showed how a good portion of hair was cut from her own home.

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Source:Instagram @romimarcos




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