Ronaldo gave Manchester United chefs a list of his favorite dishes. Teammates aren’t too excited about it

Will all his teammates start eating Portuguese delicacies and give up desserts for good?



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Zdroj: Getty Images/Clive Brunskill

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United in August this year after 12 years. He first appeared in the team’s jersey in 2003, but then moved to the stellar Real Madrid in 2009, from where he moved to Juventus in Turin in 2018. After returning to the Red Devils, he immediately showed why he is already a five-time holder of the Golden Ball for the best player on the planet.

The 36-year-old Portuguese has scored four goals in the last five games and is definitely helping to make Manchester at the top of the league again. However, as the British newspaper states Daily Mirror, Ronaldo caused a foul. And with its strict menu. Ronaldo persuaded the club’s chefs to include his favorite foods in the club’s menu.


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At the top of the list is a traditional Portuguese stew, which consists of cod and eggs. While this dish was quite successful with a teammate from United, they were no longer so satisfied with a number of other dishes. According to the diary Sun is the main problem of the octopus, which other players don’t even want to see, but the Portuguese star loves it.

Source: TASR / AP

The world-famous football player is known for his strict regime when it comes to healthy food and diet. He believes that a proper diet can keep him on top and in shape at the age of forty. He reportedly doesn’t drink any alcohol and desserts are taboo for him, which also makes his teammates nervous. After his return for fear of being laughed at, gave up the traditional Friday evening puddings.

That Ronaldo would like to contribute to a better collective condition in this way? We will see according to the results of the team. You haven’t been the best lately. Manchester first lost in the Champions League at the Swiss Young Boys Bern, over a week came the elimination in the League Cup with West Ham and on Saturday it was unexpectedly beaten by Aston Villa.

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