Ronaldo: I feel that I am in my thirties and I aspire to play until the forty-second!

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has discussed how his age affects his performance on the pitch, and when he thinks he might retire from playing the ball.

Despite reaching thirty-six, the Portuguese continues his tours and tours in the stadiums, and has so far scored 14 goals with Manchester United this season.

What did Ronaldo say about his age?

And the ex-Juventus striker spoke to ESPN, the Brazilian version, saying: “I feel happy to be a player who has proven that continuity is the important key to continuing to play at the highest levels and give the best performances.”

He added, “Genetically, I feel like I’m in my thirties, I care a lot about my body and my mind, which I learned after turning 33, the body will provide results if you want, but the real battle is the mind.”

And Cristiano continued: “Going through several things and your goal is to stay at the top is the most difficult thing, and this is what I’ve been doing for years, I work and focus a lot on working on my mind, I know that my body will obey me because I listen to it and respect it a lot.”

He continued: “Life has important moments, the good and the bad. When you fall you have to get up quickly. I am happy. I want to stay here and see what happens in the future. I want to see if I play until 40, 41, or 42 years old, but the daily goal is to enjoy the moment.” .

What does Ronaldo think of the comparison between him and other gaming legends?

And the global network asked Ronaldo about the possibility of continuing to play like LeBron James or Tom Brady until an advanced age: “I think that a very important point is the difference between sports.”

And he continued: “I mentioned a distinguished group of athletes who have been active for several years already, in my opinion, no sport with such a physical load as football, basketball for example has a lot of rest periods, but I do not want to enter into this discussion and expansion.”

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