Ronaldo il Fenomeno turns 46: Inter, the origin of the name, France ’98 case, weight problems, vasectomy. Where have you been

He turns 46 today Ronaldo the Phenomenoneven if, in reality, as told by journalist James Mosley (author of the investigative book Ronaldo: the journey of a genius), born on September 18th and only recorded on the 22nd. The Brazilian with fairy feet who had begun to pull the first kicks with the Sao Cristovao youth jersey in Rio de Janeiro, however, has always celebrated today. Two Golden Balls with Barcelona and Inter, the stories (and a mystery) of the World Cup, but also the new career as president of Valladolid, the companions, the children … Let’s take a journey through his life with nine curiosities. Nine as the number with which he made his opponents fall in love with football. Happy birthday!

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