Ronaldo refused to be in the same frame as Coke at the European Cup conference: “drink water”-IT & Sports-cnBeta.COM

As a representative of self-discipline, Ronaldo has really achieved the ultimate.At the press conference on June 14th, local time, star Ronaldo “angry” removed two bottles of Coke from the table, then brought a bottle of water and said: “Drink water, no Coke.”According to reports, Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the European Cup. They displayed the product at a press conference, but the Portuguese star quickly removed the bottle without even looking at it, not in the mood to cater to the sponsor.

“Daily Mail” even used the word “anger” to describe Ronaldo’s mood at the time.

According to reports, the 36-year-old sports star is notoriously picky about diet and fitness plans, so it is not surprising that he felt “offended” when he saw the drink. According to reports, at the Global Football Awards ceremony in Dubai at the end of December 2020, Ronaldo said that his young son is not as obsessed with staying healthy as he is: “Sometimes he drinks Coke and eats potato chips. Very annoyed.”

Many netizens said after seeing this scene that it is not unreasonable for the stadium to perform so well, it is really a representative of self-discipline.


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