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TURIN – Juventus superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, seems to have had a big impact at Juventus. It’s not just a matter of setting up on the pitch, but it seems to have a big effect on the whole team.

This weekend, Juventus made a surprising decision after being eliminated from the 2019-2020 Champions League. On Saturday, 8 August 2020, WIB, Juventus decided to end Maurizio Sarri’s career as a coach at the Allianz Stadium.

A few hours after the dismissal, Ronaldo then made a post on Instagram which attracted enough attention. He also made a long description that tried to evaluate the game himself and the team.

Broadly speaking, Ronaldo said he was happy with Juventus’ success in winning the Italian League 2019-2020. But on the one hand, he is not satisfied because Juventus only has one title this season.

Moreover, Ronaldo was disappointed by Juventus’ elimination in the last 16 of the 2019-2020 Champions League. Even in this upload, Ronaldo clearly expressed his disappointment with this season’s results.

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It seems implicit that Ronaldo’s disappointment has had a big impact on Juventus’ decision to fire Sarri. Because, he emphasized the existence of improvements and decisions about the future.

“The 2019-2020 season has ended for us, longer than usual but sooner than we expected,” said Ronaldo, in his statement on Instagram.

“Now is the time for reflection, it’s time to analyze the ebb and flow because critical thinking is the only way to improve,” he added.

“A big club like Juventus must always think like the best in the world, work like the best in the world, so that we can call ourselves one of the best and greatest in the world,” he explained.

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Winning the Italian League once again in such a difficult year is something we are very proud of. However, fans demand a lot more from us. They expect more from us. So, we have to make it happen, we have to meet the highest expectations, “he continued.

“Hopefully this short vacation will allow us all to make the best decisions for the future and come back stronger and more committed than ever,” he stressed.

After Sarri’s dismissal, Juventus immediately announced a new coach. A few hours later, Juventus appointed Andrea Pirlo as the new Bianconeri coach.

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